Experts on Open Access

This subsection contains interviews with international experts on Open Access and Open Science, who represent different institutions and whose views may vary, but who all opt for openness in scientific research.


Maria Levchenko


Scientific literature as a bridging mechanism

Interview with Maria Levchenko

(Europe PubMed Central)




Ioanna Galleron

 Quality can come in many sizes and shapes

 Interview with Ioana Galleron

 (Université de Bretagne-Sud, COST)






  We will move beyond the green and gold duality

  Interview with Jennifer Edmond

 (Trinity College Dublin)





Academic discourses have been shaped by the material forms of dissemination

 Interview with Martin Eve

 (Birkbeck, University of London)





  Open Access Archivangelist: the Last Interview?

  Interview with Stevan Harnad

  (Université du Québec à Montréal)




 Open access will remain a half-revolution

  Interview with Richard Poynder

 (independent journalist)





  Benefit for society comes when you open the data up and allow its exploitation

  Interview with Kevin Ashley





  Openness should be the default for all research data

 Interview with Mark Parsons






  Data sharing has to become an integral part of the research process

 Interview with Mark Thorley





 Data sharing is just another part of scientific communication

 Interview with Tim Smith





  We need to demonstrate on an empirical basis that our policy has effect and impact

 Interview with Jean-Claude Burgelman

 (European Commission)




 Who will support the iPad generation?

 Interview with Martin Hamilton





 We must be active worldwide

 Interview with Prof. Karl-Heinz Hoffmann

 (Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities)




 Science is a very collaborative enterprise

 Interview with Prof. John Willinsky

 (Public Knowledge Project)




 It's time to get serious

 Interview with Prof. Stevan Harnad

 (Université du Québec à Montréal)




 Research is ultimately there to be used

 Interview with Dr Cameron Neylon

 (Public Library of Science)




 Open Access is really not completely novel

 Interview with Prof. Nicholas Canny

 (European Research Council)










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